Socially Awear works with several charities providing vital aid to those most in need. Through our profits and also through various fundraisers we will run, we aim to raise £100k for those most in need. All charities with whom we partner, we ensure a 100% donation policy. Please see below for the current appeals we are running. 

Yemen Appeal 


Yemen is suffering from the worst Humanitarian crisis in history. The war which started in 2015 by the Houthis, and now exasperated by Saudi and US led airstrikes has left the civilians of Yemen starving to death. Children are being forced to eat leaves as their only form of food. Not only are civilians being killed by airstrikes, from starvation as a result of Saudi blockades and from cholera; they are now being killed by Coronavirus as well. 22 MILLION people are now in need of urgent Humanitarian aid and protection with at least 12 million of those being children. 

We have partnered with Muslim Charity UK to provide food and hygiene packs to the people of Yemen. 100% of donations will go to those in need and the cost of a food pack to feed a family for a month is £50. Please donate whatever you can and be a means of saving innocent lives. Love, Socially Awear. 

Lebanon Emergency Appeal


On the 4th of August 2020 Lebanon suffered a huge explosion in its capital Beirut. Lebanon's economy over the last couple of months has been completely crippled with Coronavirus adding additional pressure. Now this explosion has brought the country and its people to their knees. They are in need of our help. 

We have partnered with Muslim Charity to provide aid to the victims of this explosion. As of the 5th of August, Muslim Charity's partner charity in Lebanon, ACA, has spoken to the Lebanese government to assess the current needs. The Lebanese Government has explained that as of now, food, water, and vouchers to be used in grocery stores are required. £60 will provide a month's worth of food for a family, and families in need will receive a £100 voucher for groceries. 

Please donate by clicking on the link below.